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Nearly 8 years ago, an earthquake devastated the country of Haiti.

Only 10km from the epicentre of the earthquake was ECCA School. 

Disheartened after their building was destroyed, but dedicated to their calling, the staff continued to hold classes in temporary structures.

Today, the school’s 200+ students (ages 3-18) still attend classes in crowded, inadequate spaces. In 2017, The School Sessions hosted their 3rd annual event to fundraise the remaining money to complete the school. In April 2018, the fundraiser will continue with new photographers and new clients!

Three new concrete buildings, holding ten classrooms, an office and a library. The new ECCA School will provide a quiet space for students to learn and change the lives of these students.

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ECCA School in Haiti

When ECCA School was destroyed, Mr. and Mrs. Laguerre (the founders of the school) continued to teach despite their lack of building. Seven years after the earthquake, ECCA School educates over 200 students every day, still in an inadequate facility.

The new building will dramatically improve the learning environment for hundreds of children and impact the future of their lives!

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Together, we're already making a difference.

The School Sessions started with a goal of raising $215,000 to build ECCA School. Our first 3 fundraisers raised $158,000 and involved over 450 photographers from 17 countries around the world. In 2018, we have only $57,000 left to raise to complete the entire building project!

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$158,000 raised of $215,000